How you can help change the way we think about menstruation

1. Educate yourself. The best way to advocate for a cause is learning about it. Check out our blog and form your own opinions.

2. Normalize your own cycle. Flaunt your menstrual products! Be proud to bleed!

3. Donate. By providing menstrual products to homeless people, we prove that our bodies deserve to be taken care of.

4. Spread the message to friends and family.

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More Ways to Help:

The Period Stigma Project seeks to change the way we think about menstruation by ensuring everyone has access to menstrual hygiene products (ie. pads, tampons, etc).

Thanks to Cora, The Organic ProjectLilli Pads, and Easy Period we have ensured access to tampons and pads at Ascencia, a homeless shelter in Glendale, CA.

If you or your company is interested in making a donation, please contact

The Period Stigma Project is a Girl Scout Gold Award Project.

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Changing the way we read about menstruation